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Smoke-Damaged Attic Insulation Replaced with Cellulose

attic insulation

Location: Vida, OR


When this Vida Homeowner called in, concerned about smoke trapped in his house from the Holiday Farm fire, we immediately sent out our consultant Bill to see how we could best help.


While inspecting the attic, Bill found ash and smoke contaminating the insulation (photos 1 and 2). Our crew went to work by removing the ash-infested fiberglass insulation, and our crew sprayed Mold-X2 in the attic to take care of an issue the owner didn’t know about.

Our crew then air-sealed all the penetrations where air could be leaking into the attic (photos 3 and 4) before blowing in 2,800 sq ft of cellulose (photos 5 and 6).

Not only was this homeowner thrilled with the work done when we followed up with him a couple weeks later, he also has a more comfortable home with a healthy attic that will last for generations.