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Unhealthy Mess of a Crawl Space Converted to Encapsulated Crawl Space

encapsulated crawl space

Solutions Provided

The crawl space under this SE Salem, OR home was a gigantic mess! Fiberglass insulation was either hanging down or on the ground rather than tucked onto the underfloor (see BEFORE photo). Rodents were living in the space (they love fiberglass to make nests). Plus, the high humidity level under the home was causing mold to grow!

To make their home more energy-efficient, and also so they wouldn’t be breathing in mold spores, this family chose to seal their crawl space with a crawl space encapsulation system.

The old, nasty, insulation and vapor barrier were removed by our crawl space crew and then the mold issue was treated with Mold-X to neutralize it and stop the growth. They then installed the special encapsulation vapor barrier material, spray foamed the foundation walls, and installed the Sedona dehumidifier and the SmartSump sump pump.

All of these items together, rather than just replacing the insulation with more fiberglass, makes this home more comfortable and healthier for this family.