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Upstairs Made More Comfortable in Summer with Closed-Cell Spray Foam Eugene, OR 97402

attic insulation with spray foam

Solutions Provided

This Eugene homeowner found us on the internet and called for an appointment. He knew the insulation in the attic was a mess and wanted to make their upstairs level cooler in the summer.

When our energy consultant suited up in protective gear and got into the attic, yes, it was a mess! (see BEFORE photo) Just because there is insulation sitting in an attic doesn’t mean it is doing much insulating.

Our insulation team started by removing all the old, inefficient fiberglass insulation. They then air-sealed the attic floor to help mitigate air leaking in from rooms below. Then, our team sprayed the attic ceiling with closed-cell spray foam (see AFTER photo).

All these steps together make for the most efficient and effective insulation project for this homeowner, so now those upstairs rooms are more comfortable in the summer’s heat!