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Upstairs No Longer Extra Hot in Eugene, OR Home After Attic Insulated with Cellulose

TruSoft™ cellulose insulation

Solutions Provided

This homeowner’s upstairs in her house in the Cal Young area of Eugene was extra-hot, so she researched and found our company online. When our energy consultant investigated her attic, he found hardly an insulation (see BEFORE photo), and three (THREE!) bath fans that were venting straight into the attic, rather than outside.

To solve these issues, plus also create storage space in the attic, our crew first removed all the old insulation (what little there was). They ducted those bath fans to the outside, and the crew sealed all the leaks in the attic floor (called air sealing). Wood dams (see AFTER photo) were installed to hold back the blown-in cellulose and make a storage deck. The crew then blew in TruSoft cellulose to the higher (and recommended) R-60 level.

No more extra-hot upstairs, plus there’s now extra storage space for this homeowner.