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10 Fascinating Insulation Facts

  • Ancient Greeks and Romans discovered asbestos and found many uses for its resistance to heat (they even knew it caused lung sickness)
  • Romans used cork in their shoes to keep their feet warm
  • Ancients Hawaiians used fluffy molten lava fibers to blanket their huts
  • Spray foam is a relatively new product that when settles expands then hardens
  • In the Middle Ages they hung up large tapestries to help keep out the drafts
  • Modern day building laws have become much stricter and for energy efficient homes you should follow the US Department of Energy’s insulation guidelines: Click here
  • Early North American frame walls were filled with sawdust and corn cobs
  • The energy crisis coupled with the health issues related to asbestos led to an increase in fiberglass
  • Blown cellulose is made from recycled newspaper
  • Insulation comes in all kinds of materials—newspaper, glass, hemp, flax, chemicals, straw and sheep’s wool