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Sneaky Ways Your Home is Wasting Your Money

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It’s a great time for an energy evaluation because summer is fast approaching. Discover ways to stay cool before the heat soars to ridiculous temperatures by stopping up your air gaps. Even if your home is newer, it could still be leaking air in places that perhaps you haven’t thought about. Most houses built to code leak air, sometimes as much as 30% of your energy costs! This means that if you are lucky enough to own an air conditioner you could be paying way too much. If you don’t have an air conditioner all of that hot air will be heating up your rooms making you miserable.

Believe it or not your attic is one of the biggest culprits of wasted energy. Many times you aren’t able to see these gaps because they are covered up with insulation. But, if you have fiberglass insulation it isn’t strong enough to keep the air out. Think about glass and a newspaper. Which one of these materials allows light to easily pass through it? Glass right? Well, that’s exactly what fiberglass insulation is made from and easily lets air pass through. Cellulose is a type of insulation that is made from recycled newspapers and can be densely packed in areas so the cannot escape.

Energy Consultants perform free check ups on your home. They assess the entire interior and exterior of your home looking for energy leakages. They have special equipment to help them locate the challenges your home faces that are keeping you uncomfortable.

5 Sneaky Places for Energy to Escape:

  1. Attic hatches
  2. Wiring holes
  3. Plumbing vent
  4. Recessed lighting
  5. Open soffit (the box that hides the recessed lights)

More challenges than these are in most homes and an Energy Expert will be able to guide and explain to you exactly what they can do to help alleviate your uncomfortable home. Call (541) 287-7022 today to schedule your free appointment with one of Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver’s Energy Experts.