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Benefits of Insulation

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What’s soft, fluffy and looks like cotton candy? Insulation, of course! It’s not edible, but did you know that proper insulation will help regulate the air in your home, keeping you comfortable all year long? While you are lounging on your couch watching reruns, your insulation is working hard 24/7. But, if you experience your house being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer it could be time to replace your insulation.

Insulation is measured in an R-value, which means its resistance to heat flow. Every state has a recommendation from the Department of Energy on how much insulation is needed per room depending on the climate you live in. Check out their energy calculator here to see if your insulation is giving you as much comfort as you deserve.

Insulation Choices and Options

There are many different options available and if you are unsure which choice is best for you, call us today at (541) 287-7022 and we will perform a no-cost, no-obligation home energy audit to determine your needs.

Interested in going Green? Cellulose insulation is made from 80% post-consumer recycled newsprint. The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA) claims that insulating a 1500 square foot house with cellulose will recycle as much newspaper as an individual will consume in 40 years. If all new homes were insulated with cellulose this would remove 3.2 million tons of newsprint from the nation’s waste stream each year. Cellulose provides excellent coverage and is blown-in the hard to reach spaces like attics, walls and crawl spaces.

Fiberglass and spray foam are strong fibers yet lightweight. Fiberglass can be rolled out from large batts and spray foam is sprayed on unfinished walls. The advantages of spray foam include that it expands and traps allergens, mold spores and dust from entering your living space and it acts as a barrier against airflow; think about the fabric of a windbreaker versus a sweater. Also, it resists critters nesting in it.

Now that you know all the benefits of insulation are you ready to live comfortably? We will help you choose the best option for your insulating needs. You shouldn’t have to suffer through another cold winter or a sweltering hot summer!