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Stops Sweating After Spray Foam Is Applied

Completion date: March 26, 2018

Location: Springfield, OR

Solutions Provided:

This new shop made of metal walls and a metal ceiling, located in Springfield, OR, would sweat and drip water on them every time they turned on the heat! The water would drip on the projects to be worked on in the shop. They quickly realized, too, that it was going to be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Working in the shop was going to be uncomfortable.


Our Energy Consultant met with the owner and proposed spray foam as the best solution. The walls only had one inch deep between the metal stud framing for insulation so spray foam was the logical solution. It has the highest possible insulating R-value per inch. For the ceiling, four inches thick of spray foam was proposed so it puts a nice, thick “blanket” under the roof.

Our specialized spray foam crew prepared the area (see photo) with plastic on the floor. They also then taped off the metal stud framing. Spray foaming is a methodical process. The crew started at the bottom of the walls (see photos). Because of the ceiling height, our crew set up scaffolding to finish the walls and spray foam the ceiling.

The owner is now looking forward to working in a much more comfortable metal shop!