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Revamp Your Creepy Crawl Space

dirty crawl space

Is your crawl space infested by bugs, mold, mildew, mice, or spiders? Are they taking up residence in your crawl space? Is it slimy, wet and dirty?

When not properly taken care of, crawl spaces can be dangerous health hazards. Mold in your bathroom could be a symptom of a crawl space that needs a check up. Mold toxins can cause coughing, asthma attacks, headaches or irritation in your eyes and throat.

Did you know that 50% of the air we breathe on our first floor comes from our crawl space? I’ve heard stories of broken ducts that sucked up the air from animals that died in the crawl space right into the homeowner’s living room!

With today’s technology, there isn’t a reason that you should be suffering any longer. A Vapor Barrier can be installed all throughout your crawl space, which will protect you and your family against mold, water and critters.

Go investigate your own crawl space and see if it’s time for a check up! Do you see mold on your insulation? Is water visible? Call us today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation home energy check-up (541) 287-7022.