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Attic Now Insulated AND Can Be Used for Storage

Attic Insulated

Location: Lake Oswego, OR

Solutions provided:

This couple wanted to make their home more comfortable year-round and knew there was not much attic insulation. A friend recommended they re-insulate with fiberglass.


After doing internet research and finding our reviews and our company online, they set up an appointment for one of our energy consultants to investigate the attic.

Our energy consultant suited up and climbed in to the attic. There were weird piles of fiberglass batts here and there, fiberglass batts laid on top of a few inches of blown-in material, and no air sealing (those places where conditioned air leaks up from the house into the attic and then to the outside).

The solutions to fix this and to add in storage space were more complex than a regular attic. Our crew began by removing the existing insulation: batting was hauled out, and the blown-in material was sucked out with a giant vacuum. The attic was then air-sealed plus TiteShell covers were placed over all can lights. Can lights are an area where a lot of conditioned air easily leaks out from the house.

The crew then installed a “Super Deck” to create a storage area (see photo). The final step was to blow in TruSoft™ cellulose insulation under and around the decking, and the owners chose the higher R-60 level. The cellulose is a much better solution than fiberglass—it insulates better and critters don’t like to nest in it like they do in fiberglass.

Everything together gave these owners a house that is more comfortable to live in AND has more storage!