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Home Made More Comfortable with Crawl Space Encapsulation and Attic Insulation

Crawl Space Cleanup

Location: Scio, OR

Solutions provided:

These Scio, OR homeowners wanted to find solutions to make their home more comfortable to live in, especially in the summer.

We have a booth at the Oregon State Fair and this couple talked with us there. They liked that our company offers free evaluations, so they signed up for a date and time that worked for both of them.

When our energy consultant suited up in protective gear and crawled under the home, he found no insulation. The attic had a bit, but not enough to do much good, and there were lots of leaky areas, especially around the can lights where they come out into the attic from the room below.

All of these issues combined together to make their home very uncomfortable to live in!

Our attic insulation crew removed what insulation there was. This then gives access to be able to seal the air leaks so the “stack effect” won’t be pulling the heated air in the winter into the attic. Tight covers were put over the can lights, and then TruSoft™ cellulose was blown in to the higher R-60 insulating level.

For the crawl space, since there was no insulation to start with, our crew didn’t have to remove any! Their floors must have been cold in the winter. The hole was dug for the sump pump, the special encapsulation material was laid on the crawl space floor, and the foundation walls were spray foamed. The sump pump was placed in, and the dehumidifier was placed. All these measures made the crawl space a conditioned space.

They told us they are very pleased with the work!


Crawl Space Cleaning