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Marion County Home Healthier with Encapsulation of Crawl Space

Encapsulation of Crawl Space

Location: Keizer, OR


When this Oregon Homeowner dealt with a plumbing leak under his house, he found out he also needed replace insulation as well! After finding our website, he called to set up an appointment. Our Consultant Greg came out to take a look at the crawl space. He found that not only did they have a problem with wet insulation, but their insulation had fallen down plus their ground cover was covered in dirt (photos 1 and 2).


After our Consultant shared his findings with Mr. Homeowner, both agreed for the overall health and comfort of the home it would be best to do a full crawl space encapsulation. Our crew started by removing the insulation (photo 3) and replacing the ground cover with the layers of the encapsulation system to create a separation between the space and the ground. They then applied spray foam around the rim joist, installed vent covers, and an EverLast door to secure the area (photos 4 and 5). In case of any other plumbing leaks/emergencies, our team also installed a SaniDry dehumidifier and sump pump to remove any excess water that could get in there in the future.

When following up with the homeowner a month later, he let us know that he was very happy with the work and was even able to get a $500 tax rebate as a bonus with his healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient home!