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Horrible Smell Gone in Eugene, OR Home

removal of the old insulation

Location: Eugene, OR


After having several roofers, plumbers, and even the fire department out at his house, this Homeowner could NOT identify the source of the horrible smell inside his home. He found our website and called to schedule someone to come out. When our Consultant Eric investigated, he realized that due to the stack effect of air getting sucked up from the crawl through the house, the smell was coming from the crawl. There was organic material (photo 1) rotting on the ground cover, and ripped up insulation from rodents (photo 2).


Our expert insulation crew removed the old insulation along with the old, contaminated ground cover. They then sealed all the penetrations in the floor by air sealing and laid down a new clean 6-mil visqueen ground cover (photos 3 and 4).

When we checked in a month later, he was so happy the smell disappeared, he wanted us to insulate his daughter’s house!