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To Make Gresham, OR Home More Comfortable, Attic Air-Sealed and Re-Insulated

Attic Air-Sealed and Re-Insulated

Location: Gresham, OR


These Gresham, OR homeowners wanted to be more comfortable in their home. They figured they needed more attic insulation, so they made an appointment with our company for a free evaluation.


Our Energy Consultant met with them and discussed what they were experiencing in the home and what they were hoping to accomplish. We want to know what each client is hoping the outcome of insulation work will be!

When our consultant suited up in protective gear and climbed into their attic, he found only a few inches of insulation in the attic (see photo with John’s hand holding the ruler). Besides such a low amount of insulation, the attic floor was not air-sealed.

The areas where the structure comes together, plus any holes made for wires and ductwork, are big leakers of air from the house into the unconditioned attic. Most houses, even new ones, did not have air-sealing done. Our insulation crew did the air-sealing first. (See the photo with orange foam.) They then reinsulated the attic to the R-49 level (see photo).

This attic went from 2 inches of insulation and no air-sealing to 15 inches and air-sealed. The two solutions together make for a much warmer house below the attic!