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Attic in Springfield, OR Home No Longer Place Rodents Like to Live

clean attic

Location: Springfield, OR


When This Springfield homeowner saw our sign in her local neighborhood, she decided it was time for her to also get her home evaluated for comfort and energy efficiency. She went over to her neighbor where she saw our sign and asked for our number and a little about our company. She decided to give us a call to have our consultant Eric come out to do an evaluation.


After a thorough evaluation, our consultant found that the attic was full of old loose fiberglass insulation, causing a loss of heat and comfort. (rodent droppings don’t cause a loss of heat, so I made it a separate sentence). He also found (see BEFORE photo) rodent droppings on TOP of the fiberglass! Rodents love fiberglass insulation, especially to nest in.

Our team went right to work, removing the old loose insulation then air sealing all the holes and penetrations to stop the air from seeping through the attic and the rodent access points. The crew also covered the lights cut in to the floor with can light covers and sealed them to the floor (see photo).

To reinsulate the attic, TruSoft cellulose was blown in to the R-60 level (above the R-38 minimum) to repel insects and rodents as well as prevent conditioned air escaping from the house into the attic. (See AFTER photo)

Three months after her work, the homeowner called in to let us know that she is so incredibly happy with her results. She can tell the difference by the warmth kept in her house, no more little mouse feet crawling around upstairs, and the lower electricity bills. She let us know she felt understood and listened to, which she expressed was hard to find in the home improvement industry. She was very thrilled with her results and happy to have a more energy efficient and comfortable home.