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Amazing Amounts Of Water Under Home Addressed With Triplesafe Sump Pump

foot stepping in mud

Location: Banks, OR

Solutions provided:

The owner knew there was a lot of water under his home and thought the existing sump pump wasn’t keeping up.

After seeing our listing on Home Advisor online, he called for an appointment. Our energy consultant was amazed at the amount of water under the home!

Our company offers three different sump pumps to help move out the water from under a home; each situation is unique so we offer different options. Because of the incredible amount of water under this home, the TripleSafe sump pump system is the best option. It has three pumps to help protect from flooding. The first pump can move up to 2,200 gallons per hour. If the first pump cannot keep up, then a back-up pump on a separate discharge line kicks in; it can move up to 3,900 gallons per hour!

As the second pump works on electricity, if it stops then a third pump kicks in. And that one can pump up to 12,000 gallons per hour.

So, among the three pumps, this client will have peace of mind knowing they have a triple-pump system to move out that water.