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Attic Insulated to Make Home More Comfortable

Attic Insulated

Location: Beavercreek, OR

Solutions provided:

This couple’s new-to-them home came with insulation issues in the attic, and they wanted to fix these issues now rather than being uncomfortable for years before they fixed it.

After finding us in the Home Advisor list online, they called for a Saturday appointment so both of them could be there to hear what our energy consultant suggested for a solution.

It wasn’t just that the insulation was not doing a proper job (see photo). With their Cape Cod style home, there were lots of places leaking conditioned air into the attic. And, the bath fan was just dumping moist air into the attic!

Our expert insulation crew started by removing all the piles of insulation. They extended the bath fan to the outside, air sealed the leaks, insulated the knee walls, and sealed the rim joists. They then blew in TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose insulation to the higher R-60 level.

It’s the combination of solutions, not just one thing, that make our work stand out and achieve our clients’ goals, which in this case was a more comfortable home.