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Mold Neutralized Attic

Mold Neutralized

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This owner wanted to reduce her utility bills and figured that starting in the attic would be the best place.

Our energy consultant met with her to discuss her goals, and then suited up and investigated the attic. Besides finding low levels of insulation (see photo), there was a 75% moisture level (see photo). This was causing mold to grow in the attic as it likes to grow when it’s above 75% relative humidity.

Those lights you have in your ceiling that are cut into the attic floor are BIG leakers of heat into the attic. The infrared photo shows how the heat is leaking out.

To start, our crew removed all the old fiberglass insulation. We then applied Mold-X2 to neutralize the growing mold and to help prevent it from returning. The can lights were covered with TiteShell can light covers. The other leaking places were also sealed with foam.

This then gave a sealed area to blow in the TruSoft™ cellulose insulation to the R-38 insulation code level. All these solutions together (rather than just adding insulation on top) will make for a more comfortable home that doesn’t leak the conditioned air up into the attic!