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Hillsboro, OR Home Now Less Dusty and More Comfortable to Live in with Attic and Crawl Spaces Insulated

Insulated Crawl Spaces

Location: Hillsboro, OR


This Hillsboro, OR homeowner originally was looking to have some of his vents air sealed in his attic and crawlspace due to an increasingly dusty house. When he called our office to make an appointment, we immediately knew that the best solution to a dusty home can be found right at its source: the crawlspace.


Our energy consultant crawled under the house and through the attic to check the venting and ducting, examining the insulation throughout the home. Upon a thorough evaluation, he found the crawlspace lacked insulation, and the fiberglass insulation on the wrapped ducts was falling off (photos 1 and 2) When our consultant was checking the vents in the attic, he also noticed there was inadequate insulation spread across the floor (photo 3.)

Our crew got to work straight away. They cleaned out the old insulation in the attic (photo 4), air sealed and blew in TruSoft cellulose (Photo 5). As for the crawlspace, our team did a thorough clean-out and then spray-foamed the ceiling and ducts plus laid a new ground cover (photo 6).

Within a couple of months, the homeowner saw his house was warmer and less dusty. He was very happy with the results, our work, and our friendly crew!