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Homeowners Unaware of Rodents, Water, and Mold Under Home

mold detector

Location: Canby, OR

Solutions provided:

This couple wanted to make their floors warmer in the winter. They could see some insulation was hanging down and thought all it needed was to be put back up.

After doing research online to find companies that worked in Canby, OR, they found us on Home Advisor and made an appointment.

It’s a good thing our folks suit up with protective gear before they crawl into our clients’ crawl spaces. This one had three things the owners didn’t know about: standing water, rodent infestation, and mold. (see photos)

To solve all these issues, plus making their floors warmer in the winter, this couple chose to have their crawl space encapsulated. This makes the crawl space a conditioned space and helps to seal out the water and rodents.

Our expert crawl space encapsulation crew:

i) removed all the old insulation and nasty vapor barrier

ii) properly air sealed the foundation

iii) remediated the mold with Mold-X2

iv) installed a SmartSump sump pump and a SaniDry dehumidifier to control water and moisture

v) installed the special encapsulation barrier

The owners noticed the difference right away, and now they are not breathing in the unhealthy air that was coming in to their house from the crawl space.