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Crawl Space No Longer Place for Rats Because of Spray Foam

Crawl Space Spray Foam

Location: Eugene, OR


When this Eugene, Oregon homeowner found out he had rats living in his crawlspace that tore up his insulation and wiring, he wanted to find the best solution to reduce the risk of rodents coming back. He had found us through a Google search and decided it was time to have someone come out and look at his insulation as well as where/why rodents where coming in. What DOES makes rodents what to nest in YOUR crawlspace?


Our energy consultant explained that rodents loved his crawl space due to the easy access through vents and the access cover, plus the drooping fiberglass in his crawlspace (Photos 1 and 2). Rodents love to nest and live in fiberglass.

Our insulation team knew exactly what to do! They started by tearing out all the insulation and barriers that were infected by rodents and then sealed up all access points, including repairing the vent screens as well as installing our Everlast crawlspace door (Photo 3). Then, three inches of closed-cell spray foam was applied to the ceiling (Photo 4) to prevent rodent enticement while keeping the house warm above.

When we checked in with this homeowner, he expressed our spray foam insulation has made such a difference! He was incredibly happy with the work and has not seen or heard any rodent activity since.