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Owner Now More Comfortable in NE Portland, OR Home Since Attic Re-Insulated

Attic Re-Insulated

Location: Portland, OR


This NE Portland, OR homeowner contacted us since he knew there were issues in his attic and he wanted this looked at.


When someone’s home is uncomfortable to live in, the first place we look is the attic. In this BEFORE photo, it shows: 1) the amazing lack of insulation (it’s 5 inches, and now building code is at least 11 inches), and 2) the fiberglass insulation is just slowing down air flow, not blocking it.

The first step is to suck out all the old insulation, which our crew did with an industrial vacuum. This goes into giant bags and the crew removes these from the premises.

Next is air-sealing where there are leaks. The air-sealing photo shows the attic deck with the insulation gone, allowing our crew access to sealing the leaks (the orange foam in the photo). They also air-sealed and insulated the attic’s scuttle cover. These essential steps, missed by many companies, help prevent air you pay to heat/cool in your house from leaking in to the unconditioned attic.

The last step is to re-insulate. The TruSoft cellulose insulation was blown in to the higher R-60 value. (See AFTER photo) When we called a few days after to check on the work, he told us it’s a lot warmer in their home!