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Crawl and Attic Spaces Insulated to Finally Make West Lane, OR Home More Comfortable

Crawl and Attic Spaces Insulated

Location: West Lane, OR


When this West Lane, OR homeowner was fed up with constantly walking in cold tile floors in the winter, she decided it was time to diagnose why her house was always so cold! She saw our ad in the trusty Advantage magazine and knew we would be a reputable company to call. As soon as she told us about her situation, we knew exactly what to do.


We sent our consultant Eric to inspect her crawl space and found the underfloor actually had NO insulation! (see photo 1) Eric decided he would check her attic as well to make sure it had adequate insulation due to the lack in the crawlspace. Although the attic did have insulation, it did not have nearly enough to keep her warm in her house (photos 2 and 3).

We immediately went to work to insulate the crawl space with fiberglass batts and a new ground cover (photo 4). In the attic, our crew blew in cellulose insulation into her attic up to R-49, above the minimum recommendation (photo 5). Her home is now more comfortable to live in!