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ETO Incentive Pays for One-Fourth of Attic Re-Insulation in Gresham, OR Home

Attic Re-Insulation

Location: Gresham, OR


In the process of buying a new house and your inspector says you need more insulation? We’ve helped lots of new homeowners in this exact situation in the past year by making their home up to code AND more comfortable and energy efficient!

After this particular homeowner bought their house in Gresham, OR, their inspector realized their beautifully renovated house had barely any insulation! While flipping through the Advantage Magazine for their area, this homeowner saw our ad and called in to make an appointment.


Our Energy Consultant agreed that the installation was severely lacking, in fact it was less than R-11, minimum requirement being R-38 (see photos 1 and 2.) Our team was able to get the useless insulation removed (photo 3,) air sealed the attic deck to seal out potential leaks, and re-insulated with hefty TruSoft blown-in cellulose to the higher R-60 level (see photo 4).

One of the bright sides of lacking insulation was the homeowner qualified for an ETO (Energy Trust of Oregon) incentive. This meant we were able to help the homeowner file for an incentive rebate that allowed them to get the special $1.25/sq. ft. of insulation installed, covering about one-fourth of the project. It’s practically a win –win situation!

Not only did this new homeowner get to enjoy their comfortable new home, but they were practically paid to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency!