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House Prepared For Sale By Re-Insulating Crawl Space


Location: Dundee, OR

Solutions provided:

The owner of this home near Dundee, OR was preparing it for sale and knew the crawl space was a mess and had a rodent infestation to boot.

He found us online and called to set up an appointment with one of our energy consultants. After meeting with the owner, our energy consultant suited up and crawled into the crawl space. The owner sure knew what was going on under there! Insulation was hanging down (see photo), it was a mess, and there was a rodent party going on.

Our insulation crew removed all the old insulation and re-screened the vents where the rodents were easily coming in. Our crew then re-installed new fiberglass batts, and the last thing was to re-install a new 6-mil black plastic vapor barrier.

The home sold quickly after all this work!