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Mobile Home Owner In Eugene, OR Chooses Spray Foam to Re-Insulate Crawl Space

Spray Foam to Re-Insulate Crawl Space

Location: Eugene, OR


This Lane County homeowner bought their mobile home in October the inspector told her it was missing insulation in the crawl space. After seeing our website, she messaged to book an appointment with one of our Consultants.


When Eric arrived at the house, he noticed the insulation had been ravaged by rodents (photos 1 and 2). Although this was unfortunate news for the homeowner, we were able to diagnose the root of her issues and repair the house accordingly.

Our team went to work by removing the old and torn up fiberglass batt insulation (rodents love it as nesting material) as well as the contaminated ground cover from the crawlspace (photo 3), replacing it with 2 inches of closed-cell spray foam (photo 4.) The spray foam also gave her warmer floors in the winter.

The homeowner was so unbelievably happy with the spray foam results, she let us know a few months later that she was grateful she went with the spray foam. She would have had a bigger mess with continuous rodent issues.