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Couple Insulates Attic to R-60 Level to Make Upstairs Warmer in Winter

low levels of insulation

Location: Springfield, OR

Solutions provided:

With an upstairs living area that was just too cold in the winter, this Springfield, OR couple was looking for solutions.

After meeting with us at our booth at the Lane County Fair, they scheduled an appointment for one of our energy consultants to evaluate the attic.

Besides finding low levels of insulation (see photo), he also discovered the bath fan was venting straight in to the attic! This created a moist environment where mold was able to easily grow.

To combat this, our insulation team removed all the old insulation, and then applied Mold-X2 to neutralize the mold and keep it from growing. The team vented the fan to the outside. They then air sealed all the leaks before blowing in the TruSoft™ cellulose insulation to the higher R-60 insulation level.