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Attic Sealed and Re-Insulated to Help Deter Rodents

Attic Sealed and Re-Insulated

Location: Eugene, OR


This Eugene, OR homeowner knew there had been rodents living in her attic and was ready to have the issue dealt with.


Our Energy Consultant investigated the attic, finding extremely low levels of insulation (photos 1 & 2). He also saw an area the rodents were using as a toilet! (photo 3)

To be able to re-insulate her attic correctly, the old insulation was removed with a big vacuum. This exposes the can lights that are cut into the attic floor, allowing our crew to seal them with a can light cover and Zyp foam. (photo 4) The crew also sealed leaky places where conditioned air moves up from the house below into the attic.

The final step is to re-insulate with TruSoft blown-in cellulose. Animals do not like to nest in it the way they love to nest in fiberglass, plus it is fire-resistant.

These re-insulating steps help deter the pests from returning, plus her home is now more comfortable to live in.