3 Problems Fixed with 1 Solution - Crawl Space Encapsulation Home

Completion date: July 24, 2018

Location: Sherwood, OR

Solutions provided:

With high electric bills, a very dusty home, and a home that was cold in the winter, this Sherwood, OR couple was ready to fix their four-bedroom home.


At a Portland-area home and garden show, this couple saw our booth and set up an appointment to have one of our Energy Consultants come out the following week. He met with the couple and they explained their issues of high electric bills and a lot of dust in the home. They also wanted to accomplish having their whole home warmer in the winter.

Our Energy Consultant climbed into the crawl space and found the source of their issues—a wet crawl space, plus fiberglass batts hanging down in places and “hammock-ing” in other places.

About 50% of the air on the first floor of your home travels in to your home from your crawl space. This home was dusty since those fiberglass batts are really just an air filter, and not a very good one at that. They were breathing in dust and mold spores from the mold that was starting to form under the house due to the optimal humidity level from all the water.

This couple was ready to move forward and chose to have our crew encapsulate their crawl space. A sum pump plus a drainage system were also installed to move out any water. With the encapsulation, it makes the crawl space more of a conditioned space, thereby solving all three of their problems of high bills, dust, and a cold home.

Photos & Videos: