Attic Had More Issues Than Homeowner Knew About

Completion date: January 15, 2018

Location: Sutherlin, OR

Solutions provided:

Due to the wild animals that had been living in the attic, the insulation was quite a filthy mess! After our Energy Consultant investigated in the attic to see what needed to be taken care of, this Sutherlin, OR homeowner learned of other issues they did not know they had: 1) mold growing in the attic, and 2) the heating system’s ductwork had leaks.


Once the animals were no longer living in the attic, our insulation crew was able to get to work! The old, nasty insulation was completely removed. The mold was then neutralized by Mold-X being sprayed on organic growth surfaces. It neutralizes the growing mold and prevents future mold growth.

The crew then sealed all the areas with foam where air was able to leak in to the attic from the house (air they were paying to heat). They also spray foamed the ductwork to insulate it and to seal all leaks.

The last step was to blow in premium TruSoft™ cellulose insulation. The benefits of TruSoft™ compared to fiberglass insulation is that the TruSoft™ cellulose will not burn, get moldy or attract pests.

They said they chose our company because of our honesty, prompt service, and that we explained in depth the problems that existed and gave options for solutions.

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