Attic Homeowners Unaware of Mold Growing In Attic

Completion date: March 22, 2018

Location: Junction City, OR

Solutions provided:

The original reason these Junction City, OR homeowners contacted us was their older home was very uncomfortable to live in during the winter, especially the cold floors. They were burning a lot of wood and their home was still cold. For the summer, they had bought portable air conditioners to try and bring down the temperature.


Our owner Josh met with them to discuss what they were experiencing in their home and to understand what they were wanting to accomplish. He then crawled the house from top to bottom.

Josh had bad news for the owners—the attic had mold growing in it! (see photo) One of the owners had allergies, and breathing in mold from his own house does not help. The old insulation was also unevenly spread out (see photo) so it was quite inefficient. The bathroom fan was also venting right in to the attic!

The good news for these homeowners was that Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver addresses all these issues. Our insulation crew first removed all the old attic insulation. Mold-X was applied to the roof deck to neutralize the mold already growing and to prevent future mold growth.

They then air sealed all the nooks and crannies where conditioned air from the home was leaking in to their attic. The bath fan was routed to the outside so moist air was not continuing to be dumped in to the attic. The access to the attic had the special David Lewis Hatch Cover installed. Our insulation crew then blew in TruSoft™ cellulose to the higher R-60 level.

All these solutions will help make these homeowners more comfortable in their home, plus reduce their fuel bills.

Photos & Videos: