Attic Insulated and Homeowner Able to Get Utility Rebate

Completion date: September 13, 2017

Location: Cottage Grove, OR

Solutions provided:

After doing some research online, this Cottage Grove, OR homeowner called us to find out how to fix the insulation in their attic. It was fiberglass batting insulation and they wanted to see how to upgrade to meet their utility company’s requirements so they could receive the insulation rebate.


When our Energy Consultant climbed up into their attic, he found a mess! There were old fiberglass batts strewn about that were not doing much actual insulating since they were not covering the attic floor (see photo). Also, fiberglass is more of an air filter than an efficient insulation material. He also discovered that the kitchen fan and the dryer vent were both venting to the attic and not to the outside.

Our Insulation Crew started in by removing all the old, inefficient fiberglass insulation and ducting the kitchen fan and the dryer vents to the outside to prevent moist air from going in to their attic. TruSoft cellulose insulation was blown in the R-49 level (see photo) required by the homeowner’s utility company for that rebate.

Photos & Videos: