Attic Insulated to Make Home Cooler in Summer

Completion date: August 28, 2018

Location: Marcola, OR

Solutions provided:

This Marcola, OR homeowner has been in this house for less than two years and was tired of the upstairs being too hot in the summer.


After seeing our trucks around the area, he called to make an appointment. Our Energy Consultant met with him and learned that when it’s hot outside, it’s hot in the upstairs of his house, too. He suited up and crawled into the attic (rather than just sticking his head into the attic) since we like to actually investigate to discover the cause of the problem.

Besides finding old, inefficient insulation, plus areas where there were gaps in the attic floor, there was evidence of rodents living in the attic.

To help make the upstairs more comfortable in the summer, our expert insulation crew performed these steps: 1) Removed all the old, rodent-dirtied fiberglass batting. 2) Air sealed attic deck floor where it has gaps—cooled air was leaking in to the attic from the home below. 3) Insulated around the skylight. 4) Air sealed and insulated scuttle cover access to attic. 5) Installed can light covers over the recessed lights (another place where air was leaking in from the room below). 6) Blew in TruSoft™ cellulose to the R-38 level.

Choosing to have all these steps completed, rather than just blowing new insulation over the old insulation, is going to make a huge difference in maintaining a comfortable temperature in his home!