Condensation From Carport is Stopped From Dripping

Completion date: March 14, 2017

Location: Winston, OR

Solutions provided:

Condensation was dripping off this Winston, OR homeowner’s carport lid onto the items below! This was a large nuisance that he wanted fixed. He found us online and called to see if spray foam was a solution as he had heard it might solve his issue.


He talked with our owner and discovered that spray foam is a great solution for this problem since it covers the carport’s metal roof so water can no longer condense on the metal. Ceilings drip when warm, moist air comes in contact with a cooler metal ceiling. Fiberglass batting would not be a solution as air passes right through fiberglass. Josh explained how we have already helped many others with the exact same issue using spray foam.

Our spray foam crew prepared the carport by covering areas with plastic that were not to be spray foamed to protect the areas. Our crew also covered the homeowner’s valuables that were stored there. Two inches of closed-cell spray foam was sprayed on the ceiling of this gable-roofed carport.

Besides stopping the condensation, the insulation also now keeps the carport’s temperature more even.

Photos & Videos: