Contractor Hires Us to Insulate Floor and Ducts Home

Completion date: September 17, 2018

Location: Camas, WA

Solutions provided:

This contractor working on a remodel of a Camas, WA home needed a company to reinsulate ductwork PLUS install batting in the floor. Not every insulation company does everything.


After finding our company online, he called to see if we could do both tasks. Yes, we can!

Our cross-trained insulation team started by preparing the underfloor by removing the old insulation that was in there. The team re-insulated with R-25 batting.

The ductwork system (the trunk and the branches) needed an insulation upgrade to keep the warm air in the ducts and not released into the attic. The team sealed the ducts with mastic where they connected to anything since that is a place for leaks. They then wrapped the ducts with insulation.

The contractor told us he was very pleased with all of our work!