Crawl Space in Home Insulated So Home Could Sell

Completion date: August 23, 2017

Location: Monmouth, OR

Solutions provided:

This Monmouth homeowner was working on selling the home (sale was pending!) and needed to immediately address the crawl space issues. They found us on the Home Advisor site and called for an appointment. The crawl space insulation was inadequate and was falling down (see photo) plus there were rodent feces everywhere (see photo). There were many places that rodents were able to access under this home. These issues needed to be addressed for the house to sell.


Our Energy Consultant crawled under the home to determine the work our Insulation Crew would need to accomplish to meet the buyer’s demands, and then he worked with the homeowner on a plan. Our Insulation Crew removed the existing underfloor insulation and the existing vapor barrier. The crew installed new R-30 batting. The water pipes were wrapped, and they animal-proofed under the home. Then a new 6-mil thick black plastic vapor barrier was installed.

The home was sold and our client was very happy!

Photos & Videos: