Drafty Home Made More Comfortable with Attic Insulation

Completion date: March 19, 2018

Location: West Linn, OR

Solutions provided:

This West Linn, OR family was experiencing drafts in their home, making their home cold in the winter. While in the summer, the cooling system ran too much and wasn’t making the house very comfortable.

After finding Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver online, they contacted us for an appointment with one of our Energy Consultants. He investigated the home from top to bottom (including using the blower door and the FLIR infrared camera), and showed the homeowners his results.

With all the many places where the air was leaking out that helped to cause drafts, plus the inefficient insulation in the attic, it explained why this family was not comfortable in their house!


They chose to start with the attic. The attic was not well-insulated, there were places where air was leaking out, and the door to the attic was very leaky!

The insulation crew first removed all the old, inefficient insulation, sealed the leaks in the attic (see photo), and blew in TruSoft cellulose insulation to the higher, more effective R-60 level (see photo). The crew also installed a David Lewis scuttle hatch cover. With all these leaks sealed, plus the “blanket” of cellulose insulation added, the family is now more comfortable in their home!

Photos & Videos: