Ductwork Chewed By Mice in Home

Completion date: March 27, 2018

Location: Mapleton, OR

Solutions provided:

This older home in Mapleton, OR was not comfortable for the homeowners. The new ductless heating system didn’t seem to be able to keep up.


After finding our company online, they called for an appointment. Our Energy Consultant quickly found the issue—critters were chewing through the flexible ductwork! (see photo) The house is in the country so there were lots of critters living around the house.

Some of the air they were paying to heat was being released in to their attic before making its way in to their home.

Mice like to chew through flexible ducting, so the clients chose to have our company replace the flexible ductwork with hard ducting. They are now much warmer in their home now that the heated air is making it in to their home.

Photos & Videos: