Holiday Home Made More Comfortable With Spray Foam

Completion date: April 18, 2018

Location: Lincoln City, OR

Solutions provided:

The holiday home in Lincoln City for this couple was not as comfortable as they wanted. It was time to get this issue solved.


After finding our listing on Home Advisor, they called us to set up an appointment for one of our Energy Consultant to investigate what is going on under the home. No wonder the floors were not warm—the fiberglass insulation was hanging down (see photo). When there is no insulation in contact with the underfloor, the cold air hits the underfloor and then makes the floor inside the house colder.

For a longer-term solution, they chose to have the underfloor in the crawl space spray foamed with three inches thick of closed-cell spray foam. Our spray foam crew first removed all the old insulation from under the home. They then sprayed the foam onto the underfloor. The home is much more comfortable now!

Photos & Videos: