Home Had Mold in Attic and Homeowner Didn't Know

Completion date: September 13, 2017

Location: Veneta, OR

Solutions provided:

This 50-year-old house in Veneta, OR had some insulation under the floor that had fallen down so the homeowner, a previous client of ours, called to set up an appointment as he liked to work with a local company. He also thought the vapor barrier needed to be replaced.


Our Energy Consultant met with the homeowner to find out what their concerns were and what issues they wanted investigated. Besides crawling under the home, our Energy Consultant also climbed into the attic. Ends up, this was a good thing because there was mold growing on the roof deck in the attic! (see photos)

The homeowner had us do the original work that he originally called us about: repair the floor insulation, replace the vapor barrier, and wrap the water pipes. Because of the mold found in the attic, he also hired our company to treat the roof deck with MoldX to kill the existing mold and neutralize further growth. One of the causes of the mold was the original insulation company had covered up the ventilation so the Stack Effect was prevalent. The bath fan was also venting to the attic. Our Insulation Crew re-routed the fan to the outside. Our Crew then sealed the air leaks in the attic and blew in Tru-Soft cellulose to the higher R-60 insulation level.

Photos & Videos: