Homeowner's Moisture and Mold Issues are Mitigated with Encapstion

Completion date: April 23, 2018

Location: Creswell, OR

Solutions provided:

This homeowner called us since he knew there were mold and moisture issues in his home. He also knew there was no insulation in his crawl space; he and his family have been uncomfortable in their home. In addition, one of his family members has asthma; when there is mold in a home, the mold creates millions of spores, and you breathe air coming from your crawl space.


He found us online and called for an evaluation of their crawl space. Our owner found the mold (see photo) and moisture issues he knew they had. To solve the issues and prevent them from returning, this homeowner chose to have their crawlspace encapsulated. Our experienced insulation crew removed all the debris and the vapor barrier, laid down the special matting, sprayed closed-cell spray foam on the foundation walls, and installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier to assist with keeping the moisture level below the point that mold can grow.

Photos & Videos: