Homeowner Was Unaware of Mold Growing in Attic

Completion date: March 20, 2018

Location: Fall Creek, OR

Solutions provided:

This Fall Creek, OR homeowner met us at our booth at a home show. His house was cold, and they were not comfortable in it. He had been meaning to have someone come out to investigate and give him a proposal on the work.

Our Energy Consultant investigated in the attic and was surprised to find black mold and mouse droppings! (see three photos)

The owner had no idea he had these issues. The black mold was growing on the wood in the attic. The mice were living right around the chimney in the attic—it was nice and warm in the winter, and they had easy access to the kitchen below there.


To solve all these problems, our crew treated the moldy areas on the roof deck with Mold-X to kill the existing mold and prevent further growth. They then removed all the old insulation, including where the mice had been living. The chimney was wrapped with rock wool, the skylight tubes were foamed around to prevent leaks, and the two attic access scuttle covers were air sealed and insulated.

Our crew then blew in TruSoft blown-in cellulose to the R-49 level. This cellulose is treated with borax, and this makes it so mice do not like to nest in it.

The owner is glad to have a healthier home, and he told us his house is definitely more comfortable to be living in now, too!

Photos & Videos: