Homeowners Stop Air Leakage and Drafts in their Original 1966 Home

Completion date: December 16, 2016

Location: Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

The homeowner fell in love with the property and decided that even though it would take tears and sweat to make this his dream home it would be worth it. He knew a complete remodel was the answer as the house needed new windows, insulation, flooring, siding, ductwork and all gaps need to be air sealed. He called several other companies for quotes and decided on Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver. This decision was based on Josh’s ability to get him really good prices coupled with the highest quality rated windows on the market. “It was the best bang for my buck,” he said. The homeowner wanted to have an eco-friendly and extremely energy efficient home.


While this project started out as a window replacement job for Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver, Josh sat down with the homeowner and explained the energy efficiency problem of just putting in new windows. A top priority was to make the home aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, which would require better insulation, air sealing the gaps in the can lights, and fixing the ductwork. If the homeowner decided to leave the old insulation in they would continue to be breathing in the air from the dead rodents that had taken over, as the house was vacant for over a decade.

The homeowner agreed with Josh that it would be a great idea to holistically fix the house instead of just in bits and pieces. Josh conducted the blower door test and discovered that the home was leaking more air than necessary and suggested an entire air sealing throughout the entire house, replace all the old insulation and replace the ductwork.

“The installation crew came in and were amazing. They were quick, prompt and cleaned up after themselves. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs to be more comfortable in their house.”

When the work was finished EPUD (Emerald People’s Utility District) came in to measure the success of the air leakage and discovered a 78% savings. Taking a drafty home and making it comfortable and livable is important and all part of the great customer service at Josh Lowe’s Dr. Energy Saver.