Inadequate Insulation Attic Fixed with TruSoft Cellulose

Completion date: August 28, 2017

Location: Oakridge, OR

Solutions provided:

These new homeowners in Oakridge, Oregon learned from the previous owner that many cords of wood were burned to keep the house comfortable in the winter! Before they went through their first winter there, they wanted to address the issue.


After seeing us on the Lane Electric list, they called for an appointment. Our Energy Consultant met with them to discuss what they had learned about their home since moving in and what issues they wanted to address. Their most pressing issue was to make their home warmer in the winter.

Our Energy Consultant climbed into the attic and found these concerns: insulation was only to the R-30 level in places where there was any insulation at all (current standards require at least R-49); there were many places where air was leaking out of the attic; the door to the attic was very poorly insulated.

The homeowners and our Energy Consultant created a plan to address the concerns and make their home warmer. Our Insulation Crew sealed the air leaks so that the heated air from the house in the winter would not be able to escape so easily. The scuttle cover was air sealed and insulated to prevent leakage. The crew then blew in TruSoft cellulose to the R-60 level (R-49 is the minimum, and they opted for the more effective level of R-60).

Photos & Videos: