Knee Walls with no insulation

Completion date: February 14, 2017

Location: Springfield, OR

Solutions provided:

Why did the customer contact you?

This Springfield, OR homeowner had her utility company evaluate her home. They discovered there was no insulation behind the attic’s knee walls (that short wall used to support rafters) and the door to the area also had no insulation. Air she was paying to heat was leaking out her home!


She called a few of the contractors on the utility’s list, yet we were the only ones that could come out soon to evaulate what needed to be done. Our Energy Consultant Dan Davis proposed air sealing the door to prevent air leakage plus adding rigid insulation to it. He also proposed the R-11 fiberglass batting for the knee wall areas that her utility recommended, and the homeowner moved forward with us to complete the work.

She appreciated that we could come out so quickly to get the work done and said our foreman Eric and his crew were professional and courteous.

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