Living Room and Bedrooms Home no Longer Too Hot in Summer

Completion date: July 28, 2018

Location: Oregon, OR

Solutions provided:

This 5-bedroom home in Oregon City, OR had rooms that were too hot in the summer. Even though the home was built in 1996-1997, it was clear to the owners that insulation had been scrimped on!


This couple met us at the county fair and set up a time for one of our energy consultants to investigate. The attic was the main culprit! There was hardly any insulation, and none of the lights had covers over them to prevent leakage (see first photo).

The first thing our insulation crew did to help make this home more comfortable to live in was remove all the old insulation (see second photo). This then allowed them to put can lights covers over all the lights so that they didn’t leak air from the house in to the attic. Our crew then sealed other air leakage areas in the attic. The space was now ready to replace the insulation. The owners chose the higher R-60 level of blown-in TruSoft cellulose insulation.

Those rooms that were too hot in the summer? Not an issue any longer!

Photos & Videos: