Mold Growing In Attic One Of Many Problems In This Home

Completion date: May 1, 2018

Location: West Eugene, OR

Solutions provided:

This west Eugene, OR homeowner knew there was a mold issue in the attic. She needed to solve this so the mold would not continue to grow.


This homeowner called a different insulation contractor that told her they did not remove insulation; they just put new insulation on top of old. She knew she didn’t want that and called us when a friend referred her to our company.

Our Energy Consultant met with her to discuss what she was wanting to accomplish. The mold in the attic was growing at a nice clip! (see photo) Her home was humid as there was standing water under the home. Plus, the bath fan was venting right in to the attic, giving the mold the perfect humidity level it needs to grow.

She worked with our Energy Consultant to prioritize where to start first. Because of how bad it is to breathe in mold spores, killing the mold became her number one priority! She also learned how blowing insulation on top of existing insulation is a poor bandage fix for a home needing insulation. The old fiberglass was just filtering air—see the photo that shows how it is black in some areas. This means air is leaking through it.

Our insulation crew first removed all the old, nasty, ineffective insulation. (see photo) They then treated the attic with Mold-X to stop the mold that was growing plus to help prevent future growth. Because there were air leaks into the attic, they sealed these leaks. If they had not removed the old insulation, they would not have been able to get at these leaky areas. Plus, critters like to nest in fiberglass, but not in blown-in cellulose. The crew then insulated the attic with the TruSoft™ blown-in cellulose.

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