Mold Mitigated Under Home

Completion date: July 23, 2018

Location: Happy Valley, OR

Solutions provided:

The owners of this fairly new home in Happy Valley, OR were noticing mold and dry rot under their home, even though they could see the vapor barrier on the ground. They knew the mold and dry rot couldn’t be good things!


They did an internet search and found us online. After looking at our website, they sent a request through our site to set up an appointment. Our office called them that day and set up the best time for one of our Energy Consultants to come out and investigate.

After meeting to talk about what they were experiencing and what they wanted to accomplish, he investigated under the home. A variety of reasons were causing the mold to grow under the home, including standing water and ductwork that was blowing warm air under the home that was giving the mold the perfect temperature and moisture conditions to grow. This couple moved forward with crawl space encapsulation to make the space a conditioned space.

The first steps were to take care of the mold and dry rot issues. Our crew removed and replaced the dry-rotting support posts. They then treated the moldy area with Mold-X. It neutralizes the existing mold and helps prevent future growth.

The crawl space is now prepared and ready to start the next steps of crawl space encapsulation.