Musty Smells & Rat Infestation Home Now Gone Due to Crawl Space Encapsulation

Completion date: February 7, 2017

Location: Salem, OR

Solutions provided:

This client in Salem, OR found our company online and called us to see what could be done to reduce smells coming from her crawl space. Musty smells were coming from under their home, and they knew they had rats under there. She and her son have allergies and wanted to minimize what comes into their home. A few years ago, they had the vapor barrier and the insulation replaced, but it didn’t seem to help much.


She scheduled with Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver for one of our Energy Consultants to come out and investigate what was going on under her home.

With the relative humidity under her house being so high from the water table in the area being high, Josh found mold that she didn’t know was growing under there! (See photos; these show the water, the rat party, and the mold.) The fiberglass insulation is just an air filter for musty smells to travel through, so that is why this was not helping with the musty smells.

Since 50% of the air you breathe in your house comes from your crawl space, she chose to encapsulate her crawl space. Our crew removed the nasty insulation and the vapor barrier. They then found the right place for the SmartSump sump pump to be most effective at removing the water from under her home. They then encapsulated the crawl space with the drainage matting, Terra Block floor insulation, and the 20-mil thick crawl space liner. The spray foam crew sealed the foundation walls with spray foam. Then the SaniDry CX dehumidifier was installed to help keep the relative humidity down in the crawl space.

Afterwards, she told us it was the best customer service they had ever experienced from a contractor, and she has already referred us to two friends.

Photos & Videos: