New Homeowner Not Comfortable Home & Wanted To Know Why

Completion date: March 27, 2018

Location: Lebanon, OR

Solutions provided:

The homeowner called us to make an appointment for attic insulation to help make her home more comfortable. She had moved in to this house a month before and was already too hot in July. A new heating/cooling system was being installed soon. She was unaware of all the issues in the crawl space under her home.


Our Energy Consultant met with her to discuss what she has experienced in the home and what she wants to accomplish. Even though she asked us to investigate the attic, we also like to investigate the crawl space so there is a full picture. This allows the homeowner to make the best decision on how to be more comfortable in their home.

Her attic was definitely under-insulated. There was thermal bridging (see photo—the wood beams with no insulation will conduct heat off them), the R-value was WAY under the Oregon code of R-38, and the ductwork insulation was falling off (see photo). The bath fan was also venting into the attic rather than to the outside. Mice were also living in the attic.

Then our Energy Consultant climbed under the house and found a mess! The under-insulated crawl space was another reason the homeowner was uncomfortable in the house. Also, with all the critter activity under there, it was not good for health. About 50 percent of the air you breathe on the first floor of your house comes up from your crawl space.

Our crew started with the attic. They removed the old insulation, routed the bath fan to the outside, spray foamed the ductwork, put covers over the can lights and sealed leaks (see photo), and then blew in TruSoft ™ cellulose insulation to the higher R-60 value.

For the crawl space, the owner chose to have us encapsulate the crawl space to help prevent the critters living under there and to make the air in her home more healthy. A SaniDry dehumidifier air system was also added to help keep the humidity near the correct level.

By fixing the issues in the attic plus in the crawl space, she is much more comfortable in her home, and her new heating/cooling system is able to run efficiently and keep her comfortable in her home.

Photos & Videos: